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Feature 01 Feature 01

Increased pricing visibility

Showing the price of line items as they are inserted and tracking the running total for the order that is displayed before being published to D365.

Feature 02 Feature 02

Sales manager portal

A new admin website to assign salesmen specific customers and items they are limited to using. As well as increased tracking metrics for created orders.

Feature 03 Feature 03

Expanded item catalog

Enhance the current item look up functionality to allow for a more robust item catalog that can be searched through when with customers.

Feature 03 Feature 03

Scheduling AcquireDynamics tasks

Allowing users to schedule an automatic reference data refresh or an automatic batch send at a recurring time each day.

Feature 03 Feature 03

Inventory Visibility Service

Add built in integration connection points to Inventory Visibility Service (IVS) to allow users to see realtime inventory looks ups as they create orders.
Microsoft Inventory Visibility Service

Feature 03 Feature 03

General usability

Remove need to manually enter legal entity when performing delete or update operations on order headers.

Remove add line menu and shift to having all order updates go through a sales line grid entry format.

Feature 03 Feature 03

Unit of measure

Add ability to select unit of measure on the sales line from a list of dropdown values.

Feature 03 Feature 03

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